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You may have never heard of the payment or Skrill Money bookers. This is also the reason why many online stores do not offer this payment method. The integration of an additional link with a payment provider is a threshold that does not like to take a merchant. Money booker’s payments are fully available to customers in the Netherlands, but the application does not currently English and familiar interface also has no establishment in the Netherlands.

How does an online payment?

Upon payment services such as PayPal and Money bookers payment is sent using the email address. In this case, you need the sender and recipient of the amount an account. To perform a valid payment you need as the payer's account first supplement to the purchase price. A user from the Netherlands pays the amount via credit card, bank transfer or iDEAL. Once your balance has been updated forwards the amount to the recipient. The recipient of the payment will be notified via email. When the customer makes a payment for a purchase at an online store, occur before any transaction. The deposit of sums of money on your online account is free.
Is a payment via Skrill safe?

Skrill is registered as a bank in the UK and is licensed to perform payment services in Europe. When opening a new account identities check. Because an online payment no financial data (credit card number or bank account) to send it to you as a customer not only safer but also easier to pay

Benefits for merchants

With Skrill connection, you can accept as international merchant payments. Per country are for your customers’ different payment methods available, such as the Netherlands, iDEAL payments, credit card and a number of other possible. As a result, it is advantageous especially for the novice merchant to offer one of the most important payment options without a lot of work and costs. In contradistinction to a payment between two familiar accounts, it is also possible that your customers can checkout as a guest.

By additional checks and safeguards for example, a payment by credit card through Money Bookers safer for you as a retailer. A reversal of an amount, for example, was paid for with a stolen credit card, will occur less quickly here.

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